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The 2023 OWHC-AP Video Competition is well underway!

Date : 2022-12-07

In conjunction with the 2023 OWHC International Video Production Competition, the OWHC Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat (the OWHC-AP) is pleased to announce that the 2023 OWHC-AP Video Competition is now open for your participation!

With the theme of Heritage and Quality of Life, the OWHC-AP RS invites your original and creative videos featuring the 24 OWHC-AP World Heritage Member Cities, which are 24 Cities spanning across 6 different Asia-Pacific nations.

The 2023 OWHC-AP Video Competition is divided into two participant groups based on the participant’s age – one being between 14 and 17 of age, and the other between 18 and 21. You may enter as an individual, or if you would like, you can form a team up to three people.

Here are what we expect from your video to show the rest of the world!

l  What actions or projects has your city put in place to offer a certain quality of life to its inhabitants? In which sector(s) – mobility, green spaces, local services, etc.?

l  What suggestions for improvement would you have for your city?

l  What projects could be developed that would contribute to improving the quality of life in your city?

The 18-21 years old can explore further into the additional questions listed below in your video submission!

l  How does or should your city reconcile its urban development with the preservation of its heritage and the quality of life of its residents?

l  Elaborate your thoughts with examples and proposals through a video showing the different heritage elements of your city.

Here are the mandatory requirements for your video submission:

l  Your video needs to feature an OWHC-AP Member City or Cities

(For the list of the OWHC-AP Member Cities, please refer to the OWHC-AP webpage at;

l  Your video needs to be in accordance with the THEME of the Video Competition;

l  Your video needs to contain YOUR VISION for World Heritage and the quality of life for the city’s residents in the form of a narration or on-script texts (but not too much!);

l  Your video needs to be at least 3 minutes, up to 5 minutes;

l  The file format of your video needs to be in either .wmv, .avi, .mov, .mp4, or mpeg4;

l  Your video needs to have its own UNIQUE TITLE; and,

l  You can submit 1 VIDEO per 1 individual participant or 1 team participant;

Here are some optional requirements for your video submission:

l  (optional) You can use music in your video. If you are inserting a song, you can insert the lyrics in the form of a subtitle in the video.

l  (optional) The OWHC-AP strongly recommends that for the quality of your video, it is filmed at least in FHD (1980 x 1080), up to 4K.


Important! Please make sure that you do not violate any copyright if you are inserting a 3rd party clips, footages, sounds, or images in your video submission!

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Winners of each age group will win a prize, as well as advancing to the OWHC International Video Production hosted by the OWHC General Secretariat based in Quebec City, Cadada!


Prize (all in South Korean Won)

Age group


Age group

18 21











How to enter? Please submit your video submission, along with the attached forms filled out via email at by May 10th, 2023 18:00 (Korean Standard Time)!


The OWHC-AP Regional Secretariat will be looking forward to your marvelous videos!

Please refer to the attached zip. file for the application forms! 

For inquiries, please contact the OWHC-AP Regional Secretariat at