Organization of World Heritage Cities
Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat

Living World Heritage Cities
with Life, History and Creation

OWHC-AP Students’ Association

The OWHC has formed an association for students living in the member cities
to draw up interest and understanding among the youths on the World Heritage Sites and Cities.

The network of students enables them to see what they have in common and in difference, advocate what they believe to be values of their own heritages,
and learn from each other.

The OWHC-AP is working to grow the Student Association by communicating closely with member cities to engage more youths in the region.


OWHC-AP Students’ Association

City Name of School City Name of School
CityGyeongju Name of SchoolGyeongju Girls’ High Schooll CityAndong Name of SchoolGilwon Girls’ High School
CityGyeongju Name of SchoolGyeongju High School CityAndong Name of SchoolPoongsan High School
CityGochang Name of SchoolGochang Girls’ High School City Iksan Name of School Iri High School
CityBuyeo Name of School Buyeo Students Association CityJongno Name of SchoolGyeongsin High School
CitySuwon Name of School Samil Technical High School CityHwasun Name of SchoolHwasun High School
CityAndong Name of SchoolGyeongan Girls’ High School CityGongju Name of SchoolGongju High School