Organization of World Heritage Cities
Asia-Pacific Regional Secretariat

Living World Heritage Cities
with Life, History and Creation

World Heritage City Nomads

Travel gives us an escape when we feel exhausted.

It also gives us a moment to discover a different side of ourselves neglected in our rushed life.

The past, present and future, the heritage cities we are living in, humans making a life within the territories of the cities,
and pieces of ourselves we have never actually looked at and appreciated...

We can be mesmerized by the grandeur of a royal palace built in the middle of desert, or lost ourselves in thought watching the quaint tower glistening in the rays of a crimson sunset. We can’t help smiling at the big smile on a child selling simple accessories made of flowers, or discover a surprising side of ourselves while getting to know the World Heritage Cities and colorful life within them.

The World Heritage Sites Nomads mobilizes the youths chosen for this mission – finding what we have missed by exploring the World Heritage Cities. They travel with YouTube creators with the best contents production skills and capture the moments alive within the cities. It is a way to naturally show the beauty of the World Heritage Cities and how the cities are working to make themselves better, while helping the youths understand how to live a life, coexisting with and within the heritage.