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Second OWHC Asia-Pacific Regional Strategic Meeting

Date : 2016-07-15

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Second OWHC Asia-Pacific Regional Strategic Meeting

OWHC-AP Regional Secretariat in Gyeongjiu has taken the lead towards engaging the millennial generation in protecting their heritage by initiating activities involving the youth in various heritage cities in Korea. The High School Network is encouraged to “study, discuss, make films, organize events, and to build an active, lively, and not old-fashioned image of OWHC-AP.”  Hopefully the project will evolve into a highly interactive online activity that will engage not only the Korean youth but youth in all member cities. It would be interesting to learn how millenials view heritage, what their expectations of heritage are, and how to get the millennial generation to actively participate in the conservation of heritage in their cities.


Our dream is to inspire Youths of world Heritage Cities from new regions and to see them participating in future network of the OWHC. I know it is a very difficult and overwhelming dream. However, in order to creatively hand over the Outstanding Universal Values of World Heritages to the next generation, the world demands big dreams of all of us, and Gyeongju is ready to meet the challenges, with your support.

Date :  7. 8. 2016 ~ 9. 8. 2016

Venue : Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel

Host : Denpasar Municipal Government, Bali, Indonesia

         Gyeongju Municipal Government, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea


Organizer : OWHC Asia Pacific Regional Secretariat

Main Theme : Youth Participation ; Establishment of Youth Network in the Asia&Pacific

Objectives of the Meeting

Establishing a youth network of the OWHC in Asia and the Pacific Region

Promoting the international exchanges between member cities

Developing and sharing ideas about cooperative projects between member cities

Obtaining better knowledge regarding the OWHC and the activities of the OWHC

Finding the successful cases in Youth Participation for the preservation of World Heritage