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The Workshop for OWHC-AP Youth Communication Committee

Date : 2016-08-02

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OWHC-AP has been organized OWHC-AP Youth Communication Committee who lively participate in the social network of OWHC-AP. They have designed all kinds of internet products including the designs and contents for webpage, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog articles. Furthermore, they are not only in charge of producing the content for the social media, but also build the strategy for it. We would like to expand this small group of youth beyond Korea with the youth from member cities. This group of youth will be the vanguard of exchanging information within the region and building awareness of OWHC-AP.

 In Accordance with the establishment of 5th OWHC-AP Youth Communication Committee, a workshop was organized to assist the committee members understand the OWHC, World Heritage, Mission of the OWHC, and the Works they would be doing in the future.

During the workshop they had a chance to discuss their future projects and to visit the heritage sites of Gyeongju.