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Notice for the winners of OWHC-AP Photo Contest 2020

Date : 2020-09-01

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Notice for the winners of OWHC-AP Photo Contest 2020


We would like to send our deepest gratitude to every participant in sending their beautiful works and putting their interest in World Heritage Cities and the life within. Thanks to your active participation, the OWHC-AP was able to explore various scenes of wonderful World Heritage Cities in the region.


However, as we deeply considered this year’s theme ‘The Moment of New-Normal Life in World Heritage Cities’, we concluded that there were not that many pictures which satisfies the theme of the contest. Therefore, we will only award Gold, Silver, Bronze and special favorites without Grand prize.

You can find the result of Photo Contest with table down below.  

Thank you for your beautiful work and the OWHC-AP will come back next year.


List of Winners of OWHC-AP Photo Contest 2020
Title of PhotoNameBackground CityAward
Trip to Hoi AnSoyeon ParkHoi An, VietnamGold Prize
My own bodyguardSieun ParkHue, VietnamSilver Prize
Praying for NivanaZAW ZAW WAIBagan,Myanmar
Homage to BawBawGyi PagodaTUN WAIPyay, MyanmarBronze Prize 
Family TripHTAY LWINBagan,Myanmar
Evening prayerSongzi JinSuncheon, R.O.Korea
Capturing the momentKARAN SHAKYAPatan, Nepal
Keep space in silenceByungho SongHapcheon, R.O. Korea
Bubble BubbleYoungwha SeolGyeongju, R.O.KoreaSpecial
Green LandSI THU MYINTSriksetra, Myanmar
Lifetime learnerSungmin YounYeongju, R.O.Korea
Empty StreetCHRISTOPHER G. ANDRESVigan, Philippines
New Normal LifeKYAW THURABagan,Myanmar
Faithful of NoviceAUNG KYAW ZAWBagan,Myanmar
Freedom Under Old AgeKYAW NAINGLINBagan,Myanmar
When spring comesSunwha YeonGyeongju, R.O.Korea
myanmar cultural & myanmar beautyNAY LIN AUNGpyay, Myanmar
The beautiful sunset of
Woljeonggyo Bridge
Kwangyoun ChoGyeongju, R.O.Korea